Prayerline Testimony

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Jeremiah 29:11β€œFor I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, β€œplans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Miss Mamontsheng Ramaema is a young lady from Maseru Lesotho. She had been desperately seeking school as she applied for several Higher institutions, however she was continually rejected. She then took a decision to rewrite 2 subjects which she thought are the main reason for her rejection. However failed to perform well, this tormented her greatly as she begun to have suicidal thoughts. Her life was suddenly struck by stagnation. She felt defeated and was ready to give up.

By grace she noticed on Facebook through the Apostle Samuel Raboteng ministries that there was to be a Lesotho for Christ Crusade. By faith she she journied to the the service with her mother and registered for prayerline. During the service she suddenly had flulike symptoms and she decided to leave the sermon,along the way she realized that was the attack of the enemy from getting her deliverance. She took upon herself to go back the next day for ministering of holy water service.

During that sermon Holy Waters was ministered on her, under the influence of the Holy Spirit a spirit manifested, stating that it seeks to block her progress in life and to cause to be useless. She was prayed for and she was delivered and suddenly the flulike symptoms disappeared. By grace she received a one on one session with Man of God who then uttered words of encouragement to her stating she will indeed go back to school and she will become a doctor.

2 days after the encounter with the Apostle of God she received an sms from the church saying “Good morning and win today, today you will receive good news”.Lo and behold 2 minutes later an email from North West University came in stating she accepted to study a bridging course in Accounting. In june she applied for Psychology and she accepted once again. She gives glory and honor to God for His mercies upon her that broke the shackles of stagnation in her life

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